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How to tell if a NIC is using full or half duplex

  1. Open windows Network and Sharing Center.  My favorite way to do this in Windows 7 is to right click on the network icon in the right system try and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”. If you are using Windows 8 press the windows key and search for Network and Sharing Center.
    1. tray_open_network_and_sharing
  2. Once in the Network and Sharing Center in the left menu select the “Change adapter settings” link.
    1. change_adapter_settings_network_and_sharing
  3. Now in the “Network Connections” Window Select the NIC that you want to check the duplex on. Normally this is the Local Area Connection unless you have multiple NICs then choose the one you want to check, right click and select properties
    1. adapter_properties_network_connections
  4. In the new Window click configure 
    1. configure_adapter_properties
  5. In the new Windows select the Advanced tab. Then in the Property box scroll down and find the list item Speed & Duplex  then click it. In the right drop down labeled Value  you will see what the NIC is set too. By Default it is Set to Auto Negotiation. From here you can drop down and select your speed and duplex for that NIC.
    1. speed_and_duplex_values_advanced_tab_adapter_configurations



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