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Basic Powershell DNS Enumeration Module

This one will allow you too enumerate dns and filter by exclusion or inclusion of different record types.

    .SYNOPSIS simplifies dns enum and record type filtering 
    .EXAMPLE Ex1: (use default zone and server, return all records found) .\Get-DNSEnum.ps1 or 
            Ex2: (specifiy zone and server, return all except SVR and NS Records) .\Get-DNSEnum.ps1 -Zone domain.local -dc DomainControllerName -Exlcude 'SVR','NS' 
    .DESCRIPTION Detailed Syntax: .\ -[Zone|z] dnszone -[Domain|dc] dns or domaincontroller -[ExcludeList|e] 'record','type(s)','to','exclude' -[IncludeList|i] 'record','type(s)','to','include' 
    .NOTES Author: John Klann 
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False, HelpMessage='Dns Zone aka domain' )]
    [string]$Zone = 'default zone / domain',
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False, HelpMessage='Domain Controller')]
    [string]$Domain = 'default domain controller',
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False, HelpMessage='Record Type Include list')]
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False, HelpMessage='Record Type Exclude List')]

if ($ExcludeList.Count -gt 0)
    Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -ZoneName $Zone -ComputerName $Domain | Where-Object { $_.RecordType -notin $ExcludeList }
elseif ($IncludeList.Count -gt 0)
    Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -ZoneName $Zone -ComputerName $Domain | Where-Object { $_.RecordType -in $IncludeList }
    Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -ZoneName $Zone -ComputerName $Domain