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15 Windows Shortcuts

Here is a List of Windows Shortcuts that I have found useful that you may not know about.

1. New Folder: ctrl + shift + n this will create a new folder in any windows directory.

2. Show Desktop: windows + d this will minimize all windows and show your desktop, if repeated it will reopen all previously opened windows.

3. Scroll through open windows: windows + tab.

4. Select first program running in the windows task bar: windows + b, you can continue selecting by hitting tab.

5. Select first pinned program: windows + t.

6. Close windows or tabs in browsers and other programs: ctrl + w.

7. Lock Windows: windows + l.

8. Projector and multiple screen menu: windows + p.

9. Open Ease of Access Panel: windows + u.

10. Open run program: windows + r.

11. Open my computer: windows + e.

Looks like I might need some more space…

12. Search your computer: windows + f.

13. (laptops only) open mobility manager: windows + x.

yes I did have to switch to my laptop for that capture.

14. Open pinned and currently opened windows: windows + (a number).

15. Move currently selected window: windows + (arrow buttons).

If you can think of more useful shortcuts please feel free to post them in the comments section.

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